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24 Sep Davis Creek Neighbourhood Action Plan

Davis Creek Neighbourhood Action Plan

The Davis Creek Neighbourhood Action Plan developed by the Davis Creek Community Planning Team in 2011/2012. How did they develop the plan?

The plan was developed by engaging the community through:

  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • Face-to-face-meetings
  • Survey
  • Community meetings with residents and service providers
  • Community events

The plan is meant to be used to guide City of Hamilton work plans and funding priorities in the community.

There are at least three established communities within the area:

  • Community Access to Child Health (CATCH)
  • Pine Grove
  • Tindale

The high density and low income living areas has led to the creation of long-term community resident groups and projects. The three neighbourhoods are made up of a mix of single family homes, townhouse complexes and high rise apartments.

Locally available programs and activities for children, youth and families are limited.

CATCH provides several services driven by short-term and long-term community needs:

  • Preschool and parent drop-in five mornings a week
  • Parent/child lunch program
  • Food cupboard two days a week
  • After school programs at two locations for children and youth

The Davis Creek Community Planning Committee met every other week between March and September 2012 to work through the planning process.

Special Events held in the Davis Creek Community:

  • Quigley Road/CATCH Easter Egg Scramble March/April
  • Quigley Road/CATCH Community Clean Up April
  • Pine Grove Community Clean Up April
  • Pine Grove Community BBQ June
  • Pine Grove Community Yard Sale September
  • Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Movie Night September
  • Green Venture Community Clean Up October
  • Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Haunted House October
  • Quigley Road/CATCH Christmas Event December
    (children, youth and seniors)

The Work-Plan

GOAL A: Redevelopment of Bishop Ryan Catholic Secondary School into Community Centre/Space

Objective 1: Community Members to Have a Strong Voice at Table

  • Action 1: Ensure the Davis Creek Planning Team has the most accurate and up-to-date information in a timely fashion
  • Action 2: Ensure a member of the planning team sits at the city planning table

Objective 2: Provide Adequate Indoor/Outdoor Space

  • Action 1: Advocate for space to be used by community members and service providers
  • Action 2: Determine the feasibility and the process of negotiating with the HWCDSB to access the space
  • Action 3: Staff of the Hamilton Neighbourhood Development office to determine the process for engaging the city in this endeavour
  • Action 4: Determine the minimum space requirements for programming
  • Action 5: Determine annual rental costs for the space to be leased based on annual maintenance costs of the building and outdoor space as well as city administrative costs
  • Action 6: Identify funding opportunities to provide needed ongoing programming
  • Action 7: Have a community plan to determine actual space requirements
  • Action 8: Identify groups and/or agencies that would be interested in space(leasing)
  • Action 9: Identify funding opportunities

Objective 3: Provide Programming for Community

  • Action 1: Conduct surveys and focus groups with area residents
  • Action 2: Determine programming by community needs and feasibility
  • Action 3: Hamilton Neighbourhood Development office, the DCNPT, area councilor and others to identify groups and/or agencies that would provide services
  • Action 4: Collect signatures to show community support(petitions)

GOAL B: Increase Neighborhood Safety

Objective 1: Increase a Community Level of Police Presence

  • Action 1: Advocate for an increased community level of police presence
  • Action 2: Invite police to planning table

Objective 2: Advocate Positive Activities for Youth to Increase a Positive Lifestyle

  • Action 1: Ask for stats on youth crime in community
  • Action 2: Bring accessible programs to the neighbourhood(using Chillhill as the model)
  • Action 3: Give life skill credits for participation
  • Action 4: Encourage students/youth to volunteer in the community

Objective 3: Make Community Safe for Pedestrians, Cyclists and Vehicles

  • Action 1: Advocate for arm controlled rail cross stops at Quigley and Greenhill
  • Action 2: Advocate for pedestrian controlled stops across busy streets(Mt. Albion, Greenhill, Quigley)
  • Action 3: More police involvement/presence re:youth activities/gangs/drugs/speeding
  • Action 4: Invite city traffic department to attend meeting of the planning team to discuss the impact of increased traffic flow from the Greenhill off ramp
  • Action 5: Traffic safety around all schools
  • Action 6: Improve lighting for pedestrians and vehicles on main streets(locations to look at-Quigley and King, Mt. Albion and King etc.)
  • Action 7: Hydro poles that have been struck down to be replaced in a timely fashion

GOAL C: Increase Respect and Social Unity/Community Involvement

Objective 1: Increase Membership on the Community Planning Team

  • Action 1: Make sure flyers are out in a reasonable time frame, implement Facebook page, keep contact list up to date, make sure email list is up to date, create marketing package for planning team members
  • Action 2: Communicate with other members in the community about the Planning Team(e.g. Events, schools, parks, your neighbourhood, bus stops, meeting places, Councilors Newsletter, St. Luke’s newsletter/bulletin board etc..)
  • Action 3: Make sure all outgoing materials have contact person/number on it
  • Action 4: Promote community activities(Easter Egg Hunt, Community Clean Up)
  • Action 5: Have table at school/parent info nights
  • Action 6: Attend Parent Council/School Council meetings
  • Action 7: Liaison with schools in area(Bagshaw, Laurier, St.Luke’s, Glendale, B.R.)

Objective 2: Sensitivity to Community Needs

  • Action 1: Ensure recreation centre has programs that reflect community needs(seniors, families, youth, culture groups, etc.)

Objective 3: Community Pride

  • Action 1: Have a community awards celebration to recognize outstanding contributes of residents and business in the Davis Creek area.

GOAL D: Improve beautification of the Neighbourhood

Objective 1: To have a clean community and promote recycling

  • Action 1: Find out policy and procedures around positioning of garbage cans in neighbourhood
  • Action 2: More garbage containers around the neighbourhood with divided recycling compartments
  • Action 3: Advise city of proposed locations of garbage receptacles
  • Action 4: Promote community cleanups/increase frequency of existing cleanups in the neighbourhood
  • Action 5: Look into programs to help educate children and adults in the importance of recycling and having a clean neighbourhood
  • Action 6: Advocate to Public Health to help with safe needle disposal

Objective 2: Encourage Community to be More Involved with Green Venture

  • Action 1: Promote Green Venture events/activities
  • Action 2: Invite Green Venture to the planning team

GOAL E: To Enhance the Quality and Availability of Programs, Services and Resources

Objective 1: Encourage Community Members to be Involved with Programs That Have a Positive Impact

  • Action 1: Promote community programs and businesses that have a positive impact on the community (CATCH, DANIMAR pharmacy, foodland, SWL Recreation Centre, Book Mobile, city KIDZ, etc.)
  • Action 2: Have a community plan to have easy and marked access to trails and waterfalls in the area (bridges, pathways, signs,etc.)
  • Action 3: Advocate recreation centre to have programs that reflect community needs
  • Action 4: Determine community needs
  • Action 5: Identify organizations/funding opportunities to help provide resources, programs, services, etc. within the community
  • Action 6: Identify free programs and advocate for free/reduced program costs at Recreation centre (supie program, after school activities, swimming, etc)
  • Action 7: To promote/support continuation of local programs (CATCH, food cupboard, etc.) that reflects the needs of the community
  • Action 8: Create a newsletter for the Davis creek area


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